Your Car Repair Rights

Insurance companies often try to tell you exactly what to do and where to go after an accident. The problem with that is that the insurance companies are looking out for themselves and trying to save money, even at your expense with lower quality service and parts.

At Precision Auto Body Specialists, we are here to help you get the best service and the quality parts you need to get your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. Although we work with your insurance company on the claim, we don’t work for them and are always looking out for you and your safety. After an accident, remember you have control over your vehicle repairs.

You Control Who Repairs Your Vehicle

Just because an insurance company has preferred shops or programs doesn’t mean you have to use them. It is your legal right, under protection of law, to choose which auto repair shop you take your vehicle to for repairs. Choose a shop you are comfortable with and can provide the services you need with quality but in an efficient time frame.

You Choose Your Parts

Your insurance company can not choose what parts go into your vehicle repair unless you give them your consent. Choose quality parts for your vehicle repair instead of aftermarket parts to ensure the best operational use of your vehicle.

You Don’t Have to Pay for a Rental Car

If you are not at fault for the accident and rental cars are included as part of your insurance plan then the other party’s insurance company is responsible for getting you a rental car. The rental car should be comparable to your own vehicle and can be chosen from a company of your choosing.

You Can Decide How Much You Pay for Repairs

While you are only required to obtain one estimate, you have the right to get as many estimates as you want for damages from any independent auto repair shop. Your insurance company has no control over repair costs.

You Authorize Your Vehicle Repairs

Without consent from you, your insurance company cannot approve repairs on your vehicle. That decision is solely yours, and you can authorize each repair from your chosen repair shop before it happens.

You Should Ask Comprehensive Questions

Estimates often vary depending on the repair shop and will change based on the repairs as well. When receiving quotes from repair shops, be sure to ask what all is included in the estimated cost. Some repair shops will tack on later fees for additional repairs that they didn’t include in the initial estimate cost but another repair shop did include in their estimate.

We Respect Your Rights

At Precision Auto Body Specialists, we give you a comprehensive estimate for all the repair work that will be necessary to get you back on the road safely. With quality service and parts, we work for you and ensure your car meets factory safety requirements so you can be sure your vehicle is back to its pre-accident condition.

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